O f i c i n a   V e r g a r a

Plaza of Oficina José Francisco Vergara, constructed
between 1918 and 1919. (Photo Raúl Roco Pérez)
  My land was as strong as a palace,

Clean, calm, comfortable, quiet,

With a gentleness made up for years

And with an awakening written on stone,

It is precisely there where man is given

Hunger in exchange for wealth and

he gives metals for barter of misery.

Nelly Dalmar    

Plaza of Oficina José Francisco Vergara, restored and relocated
in the Campus of Universidad de Antofagasta (Antofagasta).




  ... It is the emphasis of the loneliness of this land,

where the stones are like a dry and timid sob.

Only one personage can measure it completely,

Without its eyes turning into two sockets

Of awe: the sun…

Andrés Sabella    

Eco Pampino

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